NO to Zoning for Asphalt Plant





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Translation of Radio-Canada article.

In eastern Ontario, residents of Plantagenet opposed to the asphalt plant project by PB paving and lands caption will have to wait a few more weeks before hearing about the official plan changes by the United Counties of Prescott Russell.

During a meeting Thursday, Mariposa co-owner Suzanne Lavoie, found out from director of urban planning, Louis Prevost, that the council will present the revised plan during the monthly meeting in August. A committee of the whole meeting will take place on august 14th and a regular council meeting will take place on august 28th.

The residents and promoters are waiting for this document that will serve to orient the future development of the region. Revised every 5 years, the plan consolidates all that touches urbanism in the counties of Prescott Russell, in particular, the development of residential, commercial and industrial property.

The process will take a few more months yet. There will be public consultations to gather feedback from the residents and the asphalt company.

After which, the plan will be resubmitted to the resubmitted to the government of Ontario. "This will take us most likely to july of next year before we know exactly what the final official plan for the region will be." Said Mme Lavoie.

This final version could then be contested by the residents or the business before the Ontario Municipal Affairs Commission.

The resident's fears

The citizens of Plantagenet worry about the potential effects of the plan on the environment. "We need industry. We need to find the appropriate location. This is near two rivers on land with many crevasses. The groundwater could be polluted…"

" We are not attacking the promoter. It is really the future of our region that we are trying to protect. We don't want this type of heavy industry next to the river and next to Rural Route 17." Suzanne Lavoie, co-owner of Mariposa

Other properties are available for construction of an asphalt plant, according to Mme Lavoie.

The residents are also worried about the increased level of traffic in the area. Mme Lavoie added that according to studies, there could be up to 40 trucks an hour circulating on the road.

"This causes a lot of worry, preoccupation because businesses like mine, we wonder if we should invest more time into it. Houses for sale: do we buy or not. Having an asphalt plant, not everyone is ready for that" summarizes Suzanne Lavoie.