NO to Zoning for Asphalt Plant





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About Us

Community action group against the re-zoning of rural land to permit the establishment of an asphalt plant in Plantagenet.

We are citizens of Prescott Russell, residents of Alfred Plantagenet and friends of Jessup's Falls. Our objective is to assist our councillors in making an informed decision on the proposed zoning modification.

We have reviewed the United Counties of Prescott & Russell (UCPR) Official Plan, online surveys of health and safety reports related to asphalt factories, and the submitted technical reports and Planning Rationale documents.

We have considered the business case for another asphalt plant in the region, site selection and its impact on socio-economic factors, health and safety, environment and natural heritage.

We presented a case for rejecting the application to re-zone the subject property to operate an asphalt factory during the public meeting July 16th, 2012. We continue to research all the ways that this project may negatively affect our quality of life, health and well being:

We bring our varying interests and strengths, working in groups to research the impact of the rezoning and keep the public informed. Our task groups are working on:

We are using print, social networks and face to face meetings to inform and get informed.

We are consulting with professionals in the different fields of study to address key concerns:

With our varying strengths, knowledge and love of the environment, we will leave no stone unturned in our quest to bring to light any issues that may harm us and harm our beautiful landscape forever.

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